Marvel at Meticulously Crafted Paper Art By John Ed De Vera

Paper art might seem like one of the easiest mediums to work with. You simply take a piece of paper, fold it in a particular manner, and voila. However, the works of talented paper artists like John Ed De Vera show that there is much more to this practice than meets the eye.

De Vera’s works could be described as a mix of paper sculptures and illustrations. He creates each piece by building it from different pieces of cutout paper that come together into a 3D illustration.

For inspiration, De Vera turns to nature, scenes from everyday life, and pop culture. On his social media, you’ll find paper art dedicated to animals or sports, as well as depictions of characters from different TV shows, animated films, and popular movies.

De Vera, who hails from the Philippines, describes himself as a “multidisciplinary artist” who is always on the lookout for something that will help him find a new way to improve his craft.

“My philosophy of creativity has so far led to finding new ways to push and innovate my craft, unafraid of learning new things and twisting them in my own creative way,” he shares on his website.

You can check out more of De Vera’s paper art below.