Mercedes Bellido’s Paintings are Rich With Symbolism

Mercedes Bellido is often described as one of the new promises of contemporary painting in Spain. Born in Zaragoza in 1991, she moved to Cuenca to study at the Faculty of Fine Arts and later moved to Madrid to study an Art Investigation Masters Degree. She has since participated in collective exhibitions around Spain, on top of her commercial work with brands as big as Zara, Nike, Chanel, Bershka, Reebok, and Urban Outfitters.

Known for her intense paintings, dense with symbolism (incorporating skulls, flora and fauna, as well as more fantastical motifs), her work has also attracted an impressive following online, with almost 40k fans on Instagram alone. “I think the internet is key to show your work and access content everywhere,” she reflected in an interview with Drawfolio, adding that “a negative aspect can be that your work is more easy to steal, but that’s a risk you take before playing the internet game. The most important thing is to keep working and using the internet in an adequate fashion.”

Her inspiration comes from a variety of sources, stating artists like Henri Rousseau, David Hockney, Aleksandra Waliszewska, and Giorgio De Chirico. “But I don’t get influenced only by painters or artists,” notes Bellido. “I get inspiration from childhood memories, things that draw my attention during the day-to-day, or books I’ve recently read. The most important thing is to find a way to make these ideas real and make them your own.”

Her advice to other aspiring artists out there: find a personal style you’re comfortable with, set up small goals to prevent burn-out. and put in the effort. Solid advice, if you ask us.