Mike Willcox Creates Dream-Like Illustrations

Mike Willcox’s art is mystical and surreal. His style resembles art deco and he finds inspiration in “existing, healing, growing, love, romance, wind, storms, history, plants, life – all kinds of things,” as he tells It’s Nice That. He’s a multidisciplinary artist who creates illustrations, graphic novels, tapestries, and tarot decks. 

Willcox has worked on many different jobs over the years before he became a full-time artist. Some of his paintings have clear subjects while others are more abstract, but they all feature gorgeous colors and shapes that have become his distinctive style.

“I’ll have a vague idea of colour and a small piece of a figure I can’t quite make out stuck in my head, and I’ll have to make it,” Willcox says. Sometimes, he paints things he sees in his dreams or while he meditates. If you want to see more of his work, check out his Instagram page.