Niharika Rajput Makes Hand-Built Paper Sculptures of Endangered Birds

Artist Niharika Rajput uses custom-built wire armature and hand-fringed feathers to create these incredibly realistic paper birds. She first creates a structural plan that makes sure everything will go smoothly until the end of each individual project. Rajput does this to help spread awareness of endangered bird species that are dying out around the world.

She first studies the anatomy of a bird she wants to replicate, paying special attention to the type of feather it has and what kind of tail and wings she’s dealing with. As she told This is Colossal, she initially experimented with other materials, but found that paper is the best to work with for what she wants to achieve. 

“As an artist, I find it almost impossible to compete with nature’s sophisticated mechanisms and designs,” Rajput told the outlet. “I have taken this project on, to reach that level of perfection which can be applauded with a great sense of wonder by my audience and also acts as a reminder of what’s out there and needs to be protected.”

See her works below.