Olga Griesinger Combines Typography and Illustration—and the Result is Marvelous

Olga Griesinger has a passion for design, lettering, illustration, and typography. Originally from Minsk, Belarus, she’s now based in San Diego, California where she works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.

“It took me a while to define what my own style would look like,” admitted Griesinger in an interview with The Design Kids. According to Griesinger she has two distinct styles that she juggles between: one being more line-based and realistic; the other more of a geometric-based style of illustration. Her recommendation to other designers? “Try everything, stick to what most successfully illustrates your ideas and comes off more naturally to you.”

Her playful approach to design and illustration easily comes across when scrolling through her Instagram page. According to Griesinger, her strength as an illustrator comes from her grounding in classical academic drawing and painting which she learnt while living in Belarus.

“Drawing, painting, any kind of creativity were always encouraged in me since young age,” she explains. “Through my childhood, I distinctly remember drawing two kind of things – funny animals and characters (before I started to read) and words and letters (after learning how to read). I think it is only natural that after years of practicing both I became a greeting card graphic designer and illustrator.”

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