Paul Hallows’ Patterns Show Common City Infrastructure

Paul Hallows, also known as himHallows, created a series of patterns that show common infrastructure you see in every city. He did it as a response to the “increasing demand on the infrastructure that underpins our cities,” Creative Boom wrote.

The collection, named Infrastructure, consists of several patterned artworks that feature subjects like AC units, shipping containers, and silos. “The patterns make use of scale to create images that appear logical in construction but abstract in their repetition,” Hallows explains.

He has been working as a freelance illustrator for the past five years. He’s a self-taught illustrator living in Manchester who started by making gig posters for local bands and doing illustrative work for his friends. He later branched out into animation and has become a full-time freelance artist.

Scroll down to see his work. For more, follow his Instagram page.