Photographer Captures The Beauty of Iceland’s Caves

The ice caves in Icelandic glaciers are formed within blocks of ice and their beauty is a thing to behold. Sometimes called Crystal Caves, they are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland.

Photographer Sarah Bethea got fortunate on her first trip to ice caves as she had them all to herself.

“Although it was mid-day, it was December and the days were short and the sun stayed low on the horizon,” Bethea told My Modern Met. “For five minutes or so, the sun lined up just right with the cave entrance, and the ice was lit up to look like amber.”

She has captured the stunning image of her subject reaching out and touching the amber-tinted ice. The ice appears to glow like an amber jewel inside the cave.

When Bethea returned in February, she’s not as lucky as she was in the first trip as hundreds of tourists crowded the ice caves. So on her next trip, she decided to explore less popular caves to intimately capture the majestic beauty of the caves.

“Iceland is such a unique place with so much natural beauty in a relatively small area. The country is often described as ‘the land of fire and ice,’ and this is absolutely accurate,” Bethea said.