Photographer Digitally Altered Portraits to Create Wild Photographic Expression

Image by @tawnychatmon / Instagram

Maryland-based artist Tawny Chatmon is a self-taught artist who has been working with photography for the past 16 years.

Her photographs combine traditional portraiture with digital collage, layering vintage patterns, botanicals, and wildlife illustrations to create a new photographic expression.

“My camera remains my primary tool of communication, while my constant exploration of diverse ways of expression moves me to add several different layers using a variety of mediums,” Chatmon told Colossal, “After a portrait session is complete, I typically digitally manipulate my portraits and unite them with other photographic components to achieve a work that is a new expression—often lending to them the eyes of someone their elder and more wise, and almost always exaggerating their hair.”

Chatmon further added that the layered portraits are driven by her “desire to contribute something important to a world I want my children to thrive in.”