Photographers Celebrate The Beauty Of Glass Greenhouses

Glasshouse Greenhouse is a new book by photographer India Hobson and Magnus Edmondson, featuring the beauty and rich history of glass greenhouses. The book is divided into seven thematic chapters including History, Pleasure, and Research.

The duo, better known as Haarkon, complement the visual storytelling with written reflections about each place and their experience in discovering it.

The duo travels a lot for their editorial and commercial work as visual storytellers and they consider searching for greenhouses as their touchpoint in the explorations of new and exciting places.

“It’s a fusion of both botanicals and architecture, an odd but extremely satisfying mix of the organic and engineered which I think appeals to a broad range of [people]. To me, they are a universal language in some ways: the fusion of many cultures and countries all under one beautiful glass roof,” Hobson told the Telegraph.

Glasshouse Greenhouse is Haarkon’s debut book and it’s available on Amazon.