Pip & Pop’s Art Has So Much Color – It Could Make You Fall Over

Pip & Pop’s art installations are a pure sugar rush. Tanya Schultz, the Australian artist behind the glittery, shimmery, and sugary goodness, started her project back in 2007, with her friend and fellow artist Nicole Andrijevic. Now, Schultz works alone or collaborates with other friends.

The result is something out of a childhood dream, that combines installations with paintings and sculptures. Her work has been exhibited all around the world, including in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Germany. “I’m interested in imagined worlds, places that only exist in stories or in our imagination,” said Schultz in an interview with Hot ‘N’ Gold magazine. “But I also find traveling super inspirational – going to new places, discovering traditional crafts, flea-markets, visual details, new people and their stories.”

“I’ve always been interested in color relationships – how colors react next to each other,” she added. “My work seems to have gotten more and more intensely colorful over time – vibrant and fluorescent colors that are quite psychedelic. Sometimes I step back and think… oh dear, what have I done!? So much color it could make you fall over.”

Brace yourself.