Portuguese Artist Creates Fascinating Textile Sculptures

Most of us played with wool yarn when we were kids. There is something about colorful threads that spark curiosity and creativity even if they are not used for crocheting or knitting. But Portuguese artist Joao Bruno Videira is one of those people who remained fascinated with the wool yarn even when he grew up and made it the focal point of his artistic endeavor.

Videira creates intricate textile sculptures by interlinking wool yarn into various types of objects. His complex works vary in size and shape, consisting of thousands of threads meticulously lined up to form mesmerizing vibrant patterns inspired by geometry.

He developed a fondness for wool yarn thanks to his mother, who made Arraiolos rugs as a hobby. Now, he uses the same type of wool for his sculptures. 

“Its characteristics—resistance, malleability, texture, and color—make it special and distinct from other natural fibers. And my work reflects this difference,” Videira revealed in a recent chat with My Modern Met.

Besides his textile sculptures, Videira makes other wool yarn objects and artworks. This includes wool paintings and wool-decorated furniture like chairs and benches.