Rock Your Pearls Like You Mean it With WALD Berlin

According to Dana Roski and Joyce Binneboese jewelry is not unlike candy. “It always feels nice and you can always add more,” they jokingly explained in an interview with Vogue. After running for almost 8 years a concept boutique in Mitte, Berlin, selling labels like Saks Potts and Sandy Liang and a lot of other jewelry items, they decided to try it themselves. Making jewelry that is.

“There is so much available on the market but many collections feel impersonal and replaceable when in fact, jewelry is actually a very personal piece since you wear so close to the body,” they say. “There’s much more to it than just looking good. That’s the reason we were inspired to tell our own stories through our jewelry line.”

Now their brand WALD is celebrated for its unique designs, amassing more than 40k fans on Instagram alone. After a successful first collection, launched in January 2018 WALD Berlin quickly became the jewelry brand to know. Their latest collection, Paris Addis Abeba, is inspired by 90s nostalgia; trips to the beach—a notion to traveling inspirations—from adventures to wanderlust. As such, it incorporates things like green shells, coral, and jasper stones, taking the classic shell trend in a progressive and exciting direction.”We just design what we love and what we want to wear,” they explain. “It is such a dream to see that people really respond to your vision of aesthetics and actually wear it.”

All jewelry is handmade in Germany, hiring a collective of women who would otherwise be unemployed to make the pieces. The environment is also extremely important to WALD, and they make sure that the shells and coral they use are not on the protected species list.