Russian Artist Creates Beautiful Embroidered Calligraphy

Russian artist Olga Kovalenko recently presented an intriguing series of works that blends embroidery and calligraphy in a beautiful way. When looked at from afar, her pieces look like real calligraphy done on a piece of fabric. But when you take a closer look, you’ll realize that the ink is actually stitches of embroidery floss.

“The main idea in this project was to connect two arts—the fast (expressive calligraphy) and the slow one (hand embroidery).” – Kovalenko told Colossal. “It makes you think about the deceitfulness of time.”

Kovalenko, who graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts, started taking interest in calligraphy in 2014. Since then, she attended the school of calligraphy Littera Incognita while also taking part in numerous workshops to improve her skills.

Check out some of her embroidered calligraphy pieces below.