Someone Made a “Star Wars” Fan Film with Their Cats as Main Stars

Don’t like the new Star Wars movies? Well, we have something that will make you fall in love with the iconic franchise once again.

In a reel recently shared on Instagram, one cat owner decided to recreate the original Star Wars trilogy with their felines playing the roles of Princess Leia, Darth Wader, Yoda, Han Solo, and Chewbacca. The cats were dressed in authentic costumes that corresponded to their characters and lip-synced to the dialog from the original movies. And you can bet it resulted in some purrtastic cinema.

“The Director’s cut of Star Wars, the original trilogy, but with cats,” the creator of this amazing video wrote in the caption of the video.

Other Instagram users absolutely loved the cat version of the Star Wars, with the video receiving close to 150K likes.

“This is amazing. I don’t care that it’s 9am, I’m going back to bed, because I’m not going to see anything better than this today. Also, I love that this is the original version where you can see the string. Don’t let George Lucas get his hands on this,” one impressed movie fan wrote in the comments section.

Of course, like all movies, this one had its harsher critics. Some didn’t like the short duration of the movie while others complained about lack of scenes between Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker. But if you ask us, it is perfect just the way it is.