Sophie Green Raises Awareness About Animal Welfare With Her Photorealistic Paintings

Sophie Green is an award-winning UK artist who specializes in photorealistic paintings of animals. But Green doesn’t just view animals as a source of artistic inspiration. She also dedicates her time and work to raise awareness about animal welfare and issues that plague the natural world.

Green tries to make a difference and contribute to the welfare of animals in various ways. This includes donating 10 percent of her profits to various wildlife and conservation charities and working with these organizations on projects that aim to help animals.

Her paintings and animal welfare work have been recognized by various publications and art competitions. She was named the Leisure Painter People’s Choice Award winner for 2020 while also being among the shortlisted candidates for several other accolades.

Green’s artwork almost always features a single animal surrounded by a plain background. This is purposely done to introduce viewers to the spectacular beauty of the subjects, which are depicted to the smallest details.

“To me, there is nothing so fascinating, so precious and so gracious as the natural world,” Green says on her website. “I have been sketching, drawing, painting, and obsessing over animals and their surroundings since childhood and will continue to do so for many years to come.”

Check out some of her works below.