Stop-Motion Movie Shows the Exotic Pet Industry from a Bird’s POV

Birdlime is a short stop-motion animated movie that shows how the exotic pet industry looks from the perspective of a bird. It was directed by Evan DeRushie who came up with the idea during his trip to Thailand, where he was introduced to the exotic pet industry. 

DeRushie makes the characters and scenes by hand and avoids too much digital editing, because of which his props need to be sturdy and last while the filming does. The movie is kid-friendly and colorful, but the message it conveys is not so cheerful.

He was thinking about how the animals are usually represented in animation and the effects this has in the real world, so he came to the conclusion that animation is a powerful tool. “With this in mind, I tried to portray a respectful relationship between human and animal and to treat the bird without too much anthropomorphism. I also wanted the film to feel like you were in the cage with the main character, and to be a bit confused by the world,” said DeRushie in a statement.

See the movie below.