Street Artist Bob is Transforming Urban Landscapes with Whimsical Interventions

In most cases, urban landscapes are not particularly pleasing to look at with their gray concrete blocks, battered-up bins, dull manhole covers, and eye-sore-inducing pipes, tubes, and cylinders. However, individuals like Tom Bob show that they can even be turned into something interesting if you are creative enough.

Bob is a New York City street artist who became famous for his whimsical interventions that transform the urban landscapes of his hometown as well as numerous cities in the United States and across the world. He explores the streets of these cities in order to find unique objects that he then turns into quirky creatures, food items, and fashion pieces, among others.

Using spray paint and stencils, Bob transforms a manhole cover into a delicious pizza, the AC condenser unit becomes a robot, while gas installations take the shape of a jolly elephant.

With his interventions, Bob notdoesn’t only wants to instill some life into the city streets but also give locals an opportunity to see the beauty of street art. 

“Street art is the most democratic art form in the world. You don’t need to go into a museum to see it. It’s for everyone,” Bob explained in an interview with ABC.

Until Bob comes to your city, you can check out some of his previous whimsical interventions from other cities below.