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German photographer, Tom Hegen, focuses on aerial photography projects that show the impact of human presence on earth and the impact is striking once you look at it from above.

“As a photographer I am interested in the relationship between man and nature,” he writes on his website. “In my aerial photography I focus on landscapes that have been heavily transformed by human intervention. I am trying to sensitize the viewer for those subjects by taking a look on the extraordinary forces impacting our environment.”

In one of his more striking series, Hegen captured salt ponds throughout Europe. “Sea salt is a product that is heavily included in our everyday’s life but we hardly know where it comes from and how it’s been produced,” he writes. “Seawater is fed into evaporation ponds. Energy from the sun and wind concentrates the water to help encourage salt growth.”

The bright colored ponds you see in his photos are a result of micro bacteria, which changes their hues when the salt concentration rises. Once ponds are completely dried out, a layer of salt of around 25 cm in the pond is ready to harvest.

Take a look at some of his striking aerial photos.