Teach Your Baby How to Smash the Patriarchy With These Comics

Gender reveal parties? Out. Feminist upbringing? Totally in. Case in point: Loryn Brantz’s web-comic turned best-selling book, “Feminist Baby.” Aimed at young children and toddlers, Brantz proves its never too early to preach about equality. And if you can add a little bit of wit to your feminist teaching – all the better.

Feminist Baby is very much for babies,” she told Parents Magazine. “It’s colorful and fun and certainly doesn’t explain all the nuances of feminism. That said, it’s one of the only books ever to try to introduce feminism to babies.”

“People don’t realize how important early reading is,” explained Brantz. “It’s in just the simple things throughout the book, like Feminist Baby saying ‘no’ to things and being proud of being smart is SO IMPORTANT for children to see.”

A two-time Emmy Award-winning illustrator and designer, Loryn has worked for clients that include The Jim Henson Company, HarperCollins, Disney-Hyperion, and Facebook. She currently writes and illustrates for BuzzFeed, pushing forward subjects like body image and feminism with a dab of humor.

Check out some of her work (feminist and otherwise) in the gallery below.

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