The Art of Marialaura Fedi is Inspired By Women and the Italian Countryside

Marialaura Fedi describes herself as something between an illustrator and a painter. Focused mainly on women subjects, Fedi’s characters have an air of mystique about them. This might also be the result of a strange feature in her work: having no facial features that is.

“I think women have the same strength and grace of nature, so they are the perfect medium to communicate my inner feelings,” Fedi once relayed in an interview with the Glossary. “There are a lot of strong women figures that inspire my everyday life and work. Artists and writers such as Georgia O’ Keeffe, Francesca Woodman, Marlene Dumas, and then Mary Shelly, Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson. But mostly the women of my everyday life inspire me; my friends, my colleagues, my related, and all the people I meet that even just with a word or an attitude are able to change my perspective and teach me something new.” According to Fedi, her work shows how the feminine self-confidence comes from peace and grace.

Born near the sea, in the south of Italy, Fedi moved with her family to a little city near Rome, at age of 2. “I grew up in a luxurious and bright countryside,” she recalls. “There wasn’t so much to do so I started painting all the beautiful colors and shapes that were around me, then it became my work.”

Having studied at the Fine Art Academy of Rome, she’s now based in the Roman countryside, which till this day provides her a source of inspiration. “I think art is in my DNA,” she admits. “In my family, every other generation produces an artist.” We’re glad she stuck to her family tradition!

Take a look at a collection of her work in the gallery below, and purchase an original piece on her online store.