These Bookmarks Are The Coolest Thing You Will See Today

‘MyBookMark” is the world’s first creative 3D bookmarks featuring your favorite pop culture characters and many more. Their most famous items are the bookmarks with legs, sticking out from the pages of a book.

“Our bookmarks motivate people to read paper books more and to treat them as they deserve to.  Respect your books and keep their pages safe,” reads their Kickstarter campaign.

MyBookMark has been creating cool designs for years now and they plan to expand their business, raising funds through their Kickstarter campaign.

Each bookmark is made by hand and created in their workshop from scratch.  Each piece is made out of polymer clay, painted in bright acrylics, and polished with a varnish. For those who love unique and practical things, they will surely love these cute bookmarks. Check out below to see their latest creations.