These Cat-Inspired Hand Bags are Super Realistic

Cat lovers usually have a hard time without their adorable feline companions. If they don’t have a cat to pet, they watch cat photos or videos to get their fix. But now there might be a better way to substitute the furry cuteness of a real cat thanks to Pico Miho.

Miho is a Japanese designer who crafts handbags that look like real cats. Her creations can be used to carry stuff around, but you can also pet them and hug them if needed.

This talented artist makes each piece by hand and invests lots of time to make them look as real as possible. She does all sorts of models and even does special requests if you want to have a replica of your cat to carry around.

“I’ve always loved cats since I was a kid and always worked with stuffed animals everywhere,” Miho told Bored Panda in a recent interview. “I wanted a ‘stuffed cat’ that I could take outside even as an adult. But a cute plush is embarrassing… so I made it in a way that looks real and has a reason for one to carry it around.”

Check out more of Miho’s adorable creations below.