These Creations By a World Champion Carving Designer Will Leave You Amazed

Daniele Barresi is a World Champion Carving Designer who is turning fruit and veggies into pieces of art. Whether he works with a small avocado or a large pumpkin, Barresi is able to fill them with an astonishing amount of intricate patterns and complex details that will leave you stunned.

Barresi started his carving journey at a young age, looking to combine his passion for art with his love for food. Eventually, he became so good at it that he wanted to show off his skills against carving professionals. By entering a number of carving championships, he proved that he could compete with the best in business, winning a number of accolades, including two WACS championship titles, the Italian national carving championship, and becoming the Carving European Champion.

The word about Barresi quickly spread, giving him a substantial social media following and prompting a number of high-profile brands to reach out for collaboration, including Westfield, Ustwo Studio, and Carnival Cruise Line.

Barresi initially focused on fruit carvings, but he has since been testing his carving skills on all sorts of other materials like vegetables, soaps, cheeses, foam, and resin. According to his website, he doesn’t intend to stop there and is eager to explore more mediums.

Check out more of Barresi’s carving masterpieces below.