These Hand Made Glass Creations Are Truly One of a Kind

Designer Helle Mardahl makes unique lamps, lidded jars, and vases from colorful hand-blown glass. Each design is made by hand with precision and care – from glass to brass details to the assembly of the lamp itself, every piece is one of a kind, signed off by the designer herself.

“The philosophy behind every collection comes from being an artist and having close and personal contact with the work that is created from start to finish,” Mardahl writes on her website. “When I design, I cherish working closely with talented craftsmen who understand my storytelling and aesthetics. Furthermore, I value quality at its very best.”

Having graduated in fashion design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, Mardahl has exhibited her work around the world and has received several grants from the Danish Arts Council. Her website states that as a designer, she likes exploring β€œthe contrast between organic shapes and hard materials.” Her bright and somewhat cheeky designs bring life to spaces and are equally capable of standing alone or blending in.

Take a look at some of her creations. Do you have a favorite?