These Incredible Portraits Are Composed of Tiny People

Craig Alan discovered his artistic skills at a young age. After excelling in an introductory drawing class in school, Alan continued to develop  his talent through his own studies while always planning to take up a formal art education.

“To help sustain his education he found financial support and enjoyment in driving to New Orleans on his weekends and creating portraits for passersby on the streets, with original rates that baffle today, at $15 for charcoal and $30 for watercolor! This endeavor helped him perfect his flair for replicating the human figure and afforded the budding artist a sense of economic autonomy,” reads his website.

He is best known for his Populus series, a collection of portraits composed of tiny people. These miniature humans are positioned in a way that forms the whole drawing. If you zoom his artworks, you’ll see detailed images of various people situated in different scenarios. Scroll down to see his amazing work.