These Macarons are Too Adorable to Eat

You know that feeling when some food is looking too perfect and you are afraid to spoil it? In these situations, people would rather enjoy looking at meals than actually eating it. Well, this is the feeling people get all the time when they see Katrina Moon’s macarons.

Moon is a self-proclaimed “obsessed macaron hobbyist” who enjoys making these delicious treats in her spare time. Everything started a year ago when she decided to give it a try despite having no previous baking experience.

Encouraged by not burning her house down, Moon started devoting more time to this hobby and soon became an expert for macarons. Wanting to do something different, she decided to start baking macarons in all sorts of different shapes, including monsters, animals, and other creatures. She made sure to use warm colors and give them happy faces, which resulted in the most adorable macarons you will ever see. 

“Sometimes I wonder if it’s hard for people to eat them only because they look so cute,” Moon says. “There’s plenty to look at; my works feature a wide variety of adorable little monsters, animals, and other creatures.”

Moon also intends to learn how to do other pastries like cakes and cookies, but until then, check out some of her adorable macarons below.