These Plexiglass Pillows Refract Light Like Glittering Disco Balls

Image by @colinrobertsart / Instagram

Colin Roberts’ artworks evoke uncanny imagery often obscured in peculiar ways using surrealism and abject tactics, to name a few.

He started creating plexiglass pillows in 2008. The solid imitations of these supple objects are formed to be dented and slouched, illustrating an illusion of softness despite their firm figure.

“I was inspired to use the pillow shape because it’s an object that is so common, yet as humans, we all have a special relationship to, without realizing it,” Roberts told Colossal. “A pillow is something every human can recognize and long for when needing rest. It represents comfort, rest, and sleep for our mind, body, and soul.”

The bended sculptures are multi-colored to refract light like glittering disco balls. His unique artwork is currently displayed in the group exhibition Divided Brain at LAVA Projects in Los Angeles until December 16, 2018.