These “Spaghetti Benches” Are Both Furniture And Architecture

Image by @pabloreinosoofficial / Instagram

Pablo Reinoso is an Argentine artist and designer that has been living and working in Paris since 1978. He created his first sculpture at age 13 but has been making chairs, libraries and invented trolleys when he was just 6 years old.

He has explored several sculptural forms for almost five decades now including his latest projects, “Spaghetti Benches” and “Garabatos.”

Each bench structure has been elongated and twisted into an object that conveys playfulness and a bit of anarchy.

“He stages benches which, after completing their furniture trade, become branches that grow and climb. This freedom is expressed in a movement that marries architecture, running through the premises,” he wrote on his website.

His installation titled “The Circle,” from his series Garabatos, is currently on display at Paris’s Tuileries Garden until November 7, 2018.