These Tiny, Delicate, Seeds Are Actually Made from Porcelain

Sarah Rayner’s porcelain art deserves a closer inspection. Created to resemble pods, seeds, twigs, and stamens, her delicate art-pieces might seem at first like otherworldly plants.

Describing herself as an “artist with boundless curiosity and a passion for the beauty and vulnerability of all living things,” Rayner takes inspiration from her immediate surroundings. Living in bushland and surrounded by flora, she identifies with Australian native plants, that are featured throughout her work.

“The earthiness of plants, the interconnected eco system, humus, decay and the cycle of life are distilled and accentuated by the cool, clean porcelain forms with their delicate pleats and clefts,” reads her wbesite. “The medium is appropriate to the subject and hints of where Sarah’s work might go into the future appear in the use of other materials such as entomological pins, silk, thorns and her use of museological display. Yet whatever the medium her methodology is consistent… grounded in process with a focus on form and texture.”

Take a look.