These Wholesome Comics Capture the Essence of Being Happily Married

Every marriage has its challenges and tough moments. However, they also come with many sweet and happy moments that make it all worth it.

Sneha and Rahul are a couple from India who enjoy sharing moments from their marriage with the rest of the world through their series of comics Love Handle Comics. These beautifully drawn comics are filled with love, funny, relatable situations, and everything that represents the essence of being happily married.

According to Sneha and Rahul, they want other people to relate to their content, help them realize everything a marriage can be, or simply give them a dose of uplifting positivity.

“We had quite different notions about love and relationship growing up in India,” the couple shares. “Having been married for a few years now, we have come to see it in a new light altogether. We want to share our moments with you via these comics.”

Starting as a comic on Instagram, Love Handle Comics spread to other social media platforms and different media. Sneha and Rahul published several books while also offering calendars, key chains, and prints through their webshop.

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