This Couple Prepares Symmetrical Breakfast Every Morning

@symmetrybreakfast / Instagram

Symmetry Breakfast is an Instagram account that features wonderful matching breakfasts made by Michael Zee and Mark van Beek. Zee is the chef and photographer who prepared the dishes and posts delicious photos daily.

Some of the meals are homemade and some are bought at restaurants. Their symmetrical breakfasts continue even when they’re travelling. Regardless of what cities they are in, the photos still show an incredible sense of order. While travelling, they look for locations that have good food and good lighting. When they’re at home, Zee sometimes uses studio lights in the dining room to create a perfect shot.

He also believes that any food can be breakfast because not everyone eats toast or cereal and he wanted to show that on his Instagram. Scroll down to see his latest yummy creations.

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Friday: 缙云烧饼 Jìn Yún Shāo Bing, Jinyun is a town in Zhejiang province, shao means baked, bing means anything vaguely circular but here means bread (but can also be biscuits, cookies, pancakes, round tea bricks) one is filled with beef, the other with dried vegetables. You’ll have seen them on my Stories a lot before, they’re made in a tandoor oven and they’re a common street snack across China. The resemblance to breads from India and the Middle East is proof that globalisation is older than you think and great minds think alike 😘 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – This coming May I’m overjoyed to be taking part in a major and truly groundbreaking exhibition at the V&A @vamuseum Food: Bigger Than The Plate, to quote the curators “Food is one of the most powerful tools through which we shape the world we live in, from how we create society, culture and pleasure to how we determine our relationship with the natural world. In an era of major ecological challenges, fast-changing societies and technological re-invention, now is a crucial moment to ask not just what will we be eating tomorrow, but what kind of food future do we want? What could it look like? And taste like? Today, a wide range of inspiring creative practitioners are addressing these expansive questions. Putting food at the heart of the museum, this exhibition is an exciting opportunity to bring together some of the best of this work to explore food as rich ground for citizenship, subversion and celebration.” If you do want to go, there is a special discount code FOOD40 that will get you 40% off the ticket price. A special thanks to the exhibition sponsor @baxterstorey and Cockayne Grants for the Arts for making it a reality ❤️ #symmetrybreakfast #plateup

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