This Duo Artist Creates Amazing Graffiti on Streets and Buildings

Image by @osgemeos / Instagram

OSGEMEOS is founded by Gustavo and Otávio Pandolfo who have worked together ever since they were kids.

When Hip Hop culture arrived in Brazil in the 80’s, OSGEMEOs found a direct way to connect with the public, exploring the various techniques of painting, drawing, and sculpture, and had the streets as their place of experiment.

“They never stopped making graffiti, but over the years, this universe created by the duo, with which they dream and inspire, surpassed the streets, becoming a language of its own and in constant evolution, with other references and influenced by new cultures ,” their website reads.

The duo is now recognized locally and globally, with various projects around the world. They did exhibitions in different countries such as Cuba, Chile, USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Lithuania, and Japan.

Scroll down to see their amazing art.

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