This Illustrator Is All About Flower Power

Leicester-based illustrator Chloe Hall is known for her natural themed work, dipped in floral patterns. With a love for the great outdoors, Hall creates cards, prints, and ceramics that bring a little of the outdoors in. Describing her work as delicate, quirky, and humorous, her creations are a mix of illustration and handmade craft.

“I enjoy having a handmade element into my work,” she told Jung Katz, “for example incorporating stitch into digital prints and binding my notebooks using my sewing machine, it makes it a little bit more me. My illustrations of women on the beach got a lot of interest from women themselves, and a lot of them enjoyed them simply because they show ‘real women’, I like to think I create work that people can relate to.”

Her style is best described as loose line work, and loose watercolor illustrations. According to Hall, she nearly always uses the first illustration she creates for her final patterns, rather than over developing it, which she thinks relates nicely to the unprocessed natural world. 

As Hall’s love for nature bloomed, so has her interest in its preservation. The majority of her products are packaged in 100% biodegradable and compostable clear corn starch “plastic” bags, and all of her paper goods have been made either using recycled materials, or are FSC approved.

But though her work is centered around the natural world, her inspiration comes from its inhabitants. “I am a keen observer so people watching is how I get most of my inspiration,” she says. “People surprise me everyday so a lot of the time peoples’ actions, conversations and their dress sense also inspire me. I also take inspiration from nature, the seaside and fashion.”

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