This Pastry Chef Creates Cakes Using a 3D Printer

Instagram is the realm of beautiful food, but with so many food bloggers and chefs, it’s hard to make something new and original. Dinara Kasko, a pastry chef from Ukraine, managed to find a completely new way to make food: using 3D printers.

Kasko didn’t start out as a pastry chef, she studied architecture at the University of Architecture and Design in Kyiv, and went on to work as an architect, interior designer, and 3D visualizer. Then, one day, she saw a glazed mousse cake. The beautiful cake with its shiny glazing intrigued her, and she started wondering how she could apply her architectural and design skills to pastries.

Eventually she changed careers and became a chef, hoping to make modern, chic cakes that look like the innovative buildings she used to design. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the right tools – regular pans and molds just weren’t cutting it. But those were the days when 3D printers came into our lives, and Kasko had a brilliant idea: she would design her own silicone molds and printed them out. The silicone was flexible and allowed her cake to come out of the mold effortlessly, without harming the design.

Today Kasko’s cakes are all over the internet. She’s an Instagram star, and her style keeps pushing the world of pastry-making forward. Her cakes are almost too pretty to eat, so we’re lucky that she shoots photos of every cake before it’s eaten!