This Veterinary Clinic Has the Funniest Signs

When executed well, the jokes found on signs in front of various establishments can be comedy gold. And it’s safe to say that there are few places that do this better than Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital.

This veterinary clinic, located in North Carolina, has been entertaining its visitors, passersby, and internet with its witty humor, clever puns, and funny one-liners for years now. Most of their sign jokes revolve around animals, making them even more entertaining. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good joke about cats, dogs, and chickens crossing the road.

The masterminds behind these hilarious signs are the hospital’s owner Dr. Martin and manager Linda Martin. The duo spends an impressive amount of time coming up with these jokes, although they admit they sometimes search for inspiration in collections of pet jokes found on the internet or in books. The rest of the clinic’s staff also pitches in, drawing ideas from their own experiences or current events.

The signs posted by Holly Ridge have become a part of the experience for pet owners, and the veterinary hospital is proud of its impact.

“Many of our clients come in and let us know how much they love our sign or we’ll have people just passing by call us to tell us how happy our signs make them. I think this is why we change the signs so frequently,” Holly Ridge representative told Bored Panda in a recent chat.

Check out more of these funny signs below.