Vanity Projects is a Little Bit of Art, a Little Bit of Nails

Vanity Projects puts the art in nail art. A mixture of a nail art salon and an art space, it defines itself as a luxury concept, merging a high-end nail art atelier with video art programming. Founded by independent curator, Rita de Alencar Pinto in 2008, it started out as a pop-up that would soon grow into so much more.

Now, based in two primary locations – the first in Manhattan’s Lower East Side and the second in Miami, Florida – it’s home to nail artists from around the world. With an artist-in-residence program, it also offers top international nail artists the chance to exchange techniques and ideas. With a host of video artists as well, the result is both entertaining and fashionable.

“Our vision is to re-shape the way patrons perceive and experience video art by placing it in an engaging environment,” reads their website. “We specialize in innovative manicures from the most sought-after nail artists in addition to a standard nail salon menu using the finest nail lacquers.”

But aside from their two primary salons, they’ve also taken to other stages, participating in pop-ups at the Pulitzer Foundation in St. Louis, The Brooklyn Museum, The Aldrich Museum, and the Aspen Museum of Art. Here are some of their more eye-popping nail designs.