We’ve Fallen Head Over Heels with Cabeza Patata

Katie Menzies and Abel Reverter’s artistic collaboration, known online as Cabeza Patata, is all the rage. Their 3D characters are easily spotted in the sea of Instagram art, with their round heads, thin necks, and stylish outfits.

“We care about diversity and female empowerment and we joined forces to create a world of playful yet strong characters, full of energy and positivity,” their website reads.

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“From the beginning, we have applied a ‘don’t look back’ approach,” they stressed in an interview with Inky Goodness. “Make something, publish it and move on. Because of the repetition of the character style, we are accumulating details which are improving with each illustration. The clearest example of this is in the body shapes. They have changed from a geometric beginning to having a more realistic, stronger structure, which is more in tune with our message of depicting real women.”

Menzies, an illustrator and craftswoman, and Reverter, a 3D artist and animator, work together to create their unique characters. With collaborations with the New York Times, Apple, and Google, their artistic recipe proved to be successful.

Take a glimpse of some of their creations in the gallery below.