Woman Shared the Love Story of Her Parakeets and the Internet is in Love

Image by @mosiescritters / Instagram

Maura T. Hennelly describes herself as a 19-year-old animal mom. She has many animals including her parakeets, which she shared the love story via Twitter.

She first own a male parakeet named Kiwi. Around mid-2017 Maura noticed that he was lonely so she got him a girlfriend but unfortunately, it didn’t work out and Kiwi was alone again. Soon after, Maura got him another partner, this time a goth bird named Siouxsie. The internet fell in love with these two lovebirds, who were considerably different from each other. But that did not stop them from loving each other. Soon they started building a nest and recently, Maura shared the happy news that Siouxsie was about to lay eggs and posted photos of four cute babies.

Scroll down to see the adorable photos of the family.


My little ones are just too cute 😭❤

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