You Have to See Base Coat Stories’ “Bridgerton” Inspired Nail Art

The third season of Bridgerton created a lot of commotion, and our favorite nail artists are as obsessed with it as we are. Jasmin of Base Coat Stories decided to pay homage to the hit Netflix period drama by crafting amazing nail art looks inspired by her favorite characters.

Jasmin Hirsemann is a talented nail artist based in Germany, and we’ve watched her craft hundreds of amazing looks over the years. Her love affair with nail art started over a decade ago, when she used to spend countless hours watching tutorials on YouTube, convinced she could never achieve this level of precision with a difficult material such as nail polish.

That didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream and becoming the best nail artist she could be. After years of working in retail and wearing short nails while dreaming about all the crazy things she could do, she decided to take the leap of faith and share her skills with the world.

Jasmin is now followed by over 240,000 people on Instagram, and her Bridgerton-inspired nail art attracted over a million views. It sees her matching her nails to the vintage outfits of her favorite characters including Colin Bridgerton, Penelope Featherington, and Will Mondrich.