Youtube Cover Musician Creates a Heavy Metal Ballad Version of “Friends” Theme Song

Chase Holfelder, a musician who creates “minor key covers of major key songs” and publishes them on Youtube, has recently posted a video of his cover of the famous Friends theme song, I’ll Be There For You. This cover is different from any other you’ve heard before because it turns the song into a 1990-style heavy metal ballad in a minor key.

“In light of the terrible news that Friends will soon be leaving Netflix, I made a sad, minor-key version of the theme song,” the musician wrote along with the video. As it was recently announced, Friends will not be available on Netflix for much longer, as the show should move to the new WarnerMedia’s streaming service called HBO Max. HBO Max is set to launch in spring 2020.

Scroll down for Holfelder’s version of the song.