After Cigs’ Illustrations Pay Homage to the Artist’s Sassy Black Cat

There are many superstitions surrounding black cats, but that’s not stopping people from seeing them as amazing creatures that they truly are. The Malaysian artist behind the Instagram page Studio After Cigs is one of those people, and their illustrations are a love letter to their sassy black cat Pow Pow.

Studio After Cigs founder adopted Pow Pow back in 2021, after stumbling upon her in the neighborhood. Fate brought them together and it was love at first sight, and Pow Pow quickly became the artist’s biggest muse.

This Malaysian artist is on a quest to capture Pow Pow’s “catitude” and explore the many sides of her character. It can take 3-5 days to complete each illustration, but they’re always worth the wait.

“I find my inspiration in my little feline companion. Each brushstroke is a journey of discovery as I capture her colors, textures, and emotions of her… Through PowPow, I hope to convey the sassiness and complexity of these beloved creatures,” the artist told Bored Panda.

Cat owners find Studio After Cigs’ illustrations incredibly relatable, and that’s one of the reasons behind the artist’s massive success. Their Instagram page is followed by over 360,000 people, who can’t wait to see what Pow Pow’s next adventure has in store.