Rémy Barbeoch’s Motion Tattoos Have to be Seen to be Believed

There are so many talented tattoo artists out there that it’s difficult to make your mark, but Rémy Barbeoch found a way. The French artist is bringing optical illusions to the world of tattoo art with his unique “motion tattoos” that have to be seen to be believed.

Barbeoch is a graduate of the notable Estienne School of arts in Paris, and he was a successful graphic designer before moving to Marseille and deciding to explore the world of tattooing. He founded his own studio Prisme Tattoo and quickly made a name for himself thanks to his ornamental geometric style, using graphic designer software to recreate complex patterns.

Even though most clients seek out Barbeoch for his large-scale ornamental tattoos, he’s no stranger to minimalistic tattoos that are equally inventive. He calls them “motion tattoos”, and they might look ordinary to the naked eye, but the real magic happens once you take a closer look.

Barbeoch uses a transparent film to reveal the hidden motions of his tattoos, which can create an animated effect when the sheet moves across them. He even created an Instagram filter to make it easier to observe the movement of his “motion tattoos”, which usually take the shape of mandalas, blinking eyes, playing cards, and many different objects.