Andy Dixon’s Paintings Are Worth The Hype

Canadian-based artist Andy Dixon was a musician long before he took to painting. “Everything I’ve learned about painting I could relate back to a lesson I learned in music,” he told Lolita Magazine. “It took me about 15 years of performing to realize that I’m just not a performer.”

Now, his bright-colored paintings are making quite a statement, with solo exhibitions around the US and a large following on Instagram. “I like to paint how a kid paints, before we all hit 12 and learnt how to draw in class, the oval with the eyes in the middle, you know,” he explained his artistic process. “You kind of lose this magic, the thing you did before where you just started and just did it. That’s my process.”

“A lot of the work I do is illusions to older renaissance and impressionist work, so in a lot of ways I have the luxury of having the composition already,” he added. “I roll out a color – each of my pieces you can see has an initial color that sort of becomes the background theme.”

Check out some of his delightful paintings in the gallery below.

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