Anonymous Artist Combines Unrelated Everyday Items Into Quirky Art Pieces

While most of us appreciate everyday items like jars, packages, or food for their practical use, Instagram user alon_art appreciates them for their artistic purposes as well.

This anonymous artist has amassed a huge social media following thanks to his quirky art pieces in which he combines unrelated everyday items. In his works, chili peppers form a hot lipstick while a Nutella jar becomes a perfect nail polish container.

Speaking with Fubiz, the artist revealed that he finds the inspiration for his unusual creations all around him.

“I find inspiration in the little things every single day. I can go to the market and see some beautiful tomatoes on the stand or see a beautiful yellow roses bouquet In a flower shop and really get inspired by that.” – he explains.

He also adds that his artwork often has some deeper meaning besides its humorous side: “It always makes me happy to know that people are see the humor behind my artwork and sometimes about my criticism of different subjects that engage us all.”

Check out some of his work below.