Artist Links Together Hundreds of Ceramic Circles to Form Shape-Shifting Sculptures

When you think of ceramic sculptures, you always imagine a firm, solid structure. Well, the works of Netherlands-born ceramic artist Cecil Kemperink show that this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Kemperink is known for her intriguing pieces that she creates by linking hundreds of ceramic circles together. This results in impressive sculptures that can change form and take many appearances. 

According to the artist, her creations represent the connection of her passions for textile, clay, dance, and fashion.  

“Motion is a key part of the expressiveness of my sculptures.” – Kemperink wrote on her website. “The movements show the importance of each circle of the object. Every ring is essential and influences the other: because they are all connected. Moving the sculptures leads to an ongoing change in shape, space, sound and feeling. My creations are constructed from rings of clay, which symbolize connection.”

Check out some of her shape-shifting sculptures below.