Arghavan Khosravi’s Paintings Talk About Human Right Issues

Arghavan Khosravi, an artist from Iran, addresses human right issues in her complex paintings. Her art features human figures with ghostly limbs and Greco-Roman sculptures, traditional Persian motifs, textiles and lines of string. All these come together to expose the political and personal experiences of the artist that are common in her home country.

“Before I start a new painting, I keep thinking about what I want to say in it. It can have a specific narrative or just convey a mood or feeling—it mostly reflects on a memory, life event or something I have recently read,” she told This Is Colossal.

Khosravi wanted to be an artist since she was very young, but always felt pressured to pursue something more practical, like engineering. She studied graphic design as a compromise and later earned a Master’s degree in Fine Arts in illustration.

You can see her art below and more on her Instagram page.