Aiko Tezuka’s Installations Show Traditional Textiles Unraveled

Japanese artist Aiko Tezuka lives in Berlin where she creates new art using traditional textiles. Some of her works show the separated threads hanging from the partially unraveled shapes, while others show the threads hanging like waterfalls and reconnecting when they hit the floor.

Tezuka incorporates cultural and economic histories of Eastern and Western textile traditions in her work, which makes it deeper than it originally seems as it incorporates symbolism that’s not always obvious.

“My essential interest has been what makes up the surface of the object; through which processes was the surface produced; how could I peel off the surface; what things could I see behind the surface; and how could I embody these things behind the surface into my work,” Tezuka writes in an artist statement on her website. She’s always looking to explore the surfaces from another angle and get answers to her questions.

To check out her art, scroll down.