Artist Creates 3D Sculptures Inside an Abandoned Factory

Sheffield is an industrial city in South Yorkshire, England, famous for its well-tended parks, museums, and century-old places such as Beauchief Abbey and Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet.

The city is also famous for its large-scale artworks like the Mausoleum of the Giants created by British artist Phlegm. Know for his elongated and bizarre characters, Phlegm transformed an abandoned factory into a museum full of gigantic 3D sculptures.

The artist had done several murals on the city’s old industrial buildings so it’s not a surprise to see Phlegm’s artwork inside a deserted factory complex.

“Mausoleum of the Giants is a thrilling extension of Phlegm’s ongoing efforts to intertwine his surreal and highly imaginative work with existing deteriorating structures,” the Mausoleum of the Giants’s website reads.

The location is perfect for bringing the artist’s iconic characters to life, as his creepy painted murals often sneak across the architecture, filling the abandoned spaces with his famous creatures.

“Imagined as beings whose life spans over thousands of years, these peaceful beasts have seen rivers erode and mountains change. With their final days coming slowly but surely, the giants are ready for their eternal rest, giving everyone enough time to meet them, mourn them and make peace with their ending.”

Though viewing of the Mausoleum of Giants ended April 6, 2019, you can still see the photos of the incredible sculptures below.