These Wholesome Comics Bring Positivity in Every Story

Illustrator Jang is the creator behind the wholesome online comics series called Jangandfox. Her illustrations mainly revolve around a very adorable fox and its friends and focus on themes such as love, wonder, and courage.

“I first created the comics of the little fox and furry friends on Instagram to remind and encourage myself. Little did I expect that more and more people found them uplifting and resonating,” she wrote on Bored Panda.

She draws inspiration from many sources such as books, conversations, and observations from people passing by. Readers can also share their ideas on how they would like the comics to turn out by sharing their own personal stories and issues that are close to their heart.

“I like to let my readers have a say in the conceptualising of the comics sometimes. So there are times that I will ask them what matters to them and what they would like to see. Some readers will also share their personal stories with me,” Jang said according to Mothership.

In addition to her cute illustrations, Jang also has an online shop called Story Studio where she collaborated with partners to curate a “featured” line of gifts that support communities of makers whose stories are worth sharing. “The process of designing and creating is deeply relational – it’s about learning their story, about being heard. The relationship ensures that the gifts are ethically and purposefully made,” the website reads.