Artist Creates Still-Life Paintings of Fast Food

Food has always been a common subject of still-life paintings. But most of the time, it is something like a ball of fruit, a pile of veggies, or bread on the table. Artist Noah Verrier is looking to change that by introducing fast food to still-life oil paintings. 

Verrier creates still-life paintings in a traditional style while choosing burgers, fries, tacos, burritos, and all sorts of other common fast-food items as his subjects. The results are quite unusual but captivating.

Verrier, who is based in Florida, used to be an art teacher at Florida State University. However, he decided to walk away from teaching in order to focus entirely on his career as a painter. Since then, his works have been exhibited across the United States and the rest of the world, including Germany, the UK, France, Japan, India, and more. His paintings are also highly appreciated by art collectors.

“What I enjoy most is working from life. Through the act of quietly observing, my aim is to accurately yet personally discern color and light,” Verrier shares on his website. “My subjects have included still life, portrait, and landscape. Not unlike the great painterly realists of the late 19th century, my work emerges through painting directly while striving to retain gesture and emotion.”

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